Learn How To Fix Your Connection Is Not Private Error In Google Chrome

Google Chrome browser is one of my favorite browser that I’m using it daily, along with Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. It provides to users an extreme experience with the fastest website loading speed.

If you have just installed new Windows OS on your computer or buying a new computer, I suggest you download and install Google Chrome browser.

However, there is an annoying error in Google Chrome that you should know. This error is related to SSL connection and will display an error message like: “Your connection is not private”.

In fact, this error will display on all browsers, but in different forms. For example: If this error happens in Mozilla Firefox, it will say: “This connection is untrusted”.

There are some reasons that lead to this error, including wrong date and time of the computer, expired SSL certification. Sometimes, your antivirus and internet security programs are blocking the SSL connection. That’s why this error occurs.

If you want to fix your connection is not private chrome error, there are two things you have to check: the date and time of your computer and turn off antivirus software.

If the date and time are wrong, it will affect your computer and prevent SSL certificate from validating the correct SSL. Next, try to disable your antivirus software or internet security program. It might block your SSL connection and doesn’t allow you to load the website properly.

After solving these things, the “your connection is not private” error will be solved and fixed. You will no longer see this error in your Google Chrome browser anymore.

If the error comes from the server side because expired SSL certificate, you have to notify to the manager of the website about this error. There is nothing you can do from your side, just can to ignore the error.


The User Profile Of Windows Unable To Load And How To Fix It

Using Windows is one of the most favorite things I usually do every day. It’s a good operating system for me to do anything, from personal tasks to work and entertainment. I have recently switched to Mac OS X, but still keep one of my computer with Windows OS installed because I like to use it.

Nevertheless, Windows OS has some errors you should know and understand how does it works as well as how to resolve it when it occurs. One of the most popular Windows errors is the “user profile service failed the logon” error.

This error occurs because the profile of the Windows user is corrupted. By that, when Windows start, it won’t be able to load this profile. And of course, you will not be able to login to your Windows computer, except via Safe Mode.

When you face this error, the first thing you should do is determine to repair the Windows or create a new Windows user to replace the old one. If you want to create a new user, simply reboot your Windows computer and enable “Safe Mode”. After accessing your Windows computer under the administrator account, go to Control Panel > Users and then create a new account to use.

In the Safe Mode, you can also repair or restore the Windows OS by using Windows Restore. It will help you roll the Windows OS back to a few days ago, depends on your automatic backup. These solutions will help you to solve user profile service failed the logon error in Windows OS.


One Simplest Solution To Fix Dns_Probe_Finished_Nxdomain Error

Technology brings to my life a lot of useful things and it’s very helpful. There is no doubt about that point. But when I’m using tech devices and applications, there are so many problems, which makes I feel very annoyed.

When I got a problem with an application on my computer, it takes me some hours or maybe a day to figure out the problem and its causes, and then troubleshoot it. I agree that there is nothing complete, but a lot of errors were there and need us to resolve when using things that are related to technology.

For example: Google Chrome is a good browser that I think many people are using it on their computer nowadays. It also has many errors that you might feel annoyed while facing it, such as internet connection error, DNS error and proxy and setting errors.

It’s a very useful internet browser for us and very convenient. The Google Chrome browser is flexible, faster than many other popular browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Opera, and comes with an easy user interface. But there are still a lot of errors stay alongside the Google Chrome browser, which are required us to solve when they occur.

One of the most popular errors in Google Chrome browser is the Dns_Probe_Finished_Nxdomain. It’s an error that’s related to the DNS server. When this error occurs, you can’t use this browser to visit your favorite websites anymore.

Way To Fix Dns_Probe_Finished_Nxdomain Error

When you set up a new Internet connection on your computer, it will automatically pull default DNS information from the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and use it to create the connection. However, these DNS information isn’t stable and sometimes, they will be timed out. Because the DNS server isn’t stable, when Google Chrome tries to connect to these DNS server addresses, the error will be occurred and give out some error messages.

If you want the Google Chrome again, you have to fix this DNS error on your browser. But it’s not easy to figure out the cause of this DNS error. There is still a simple solution to help you solve this error. By using the DNS server from other companies like Google or OpenDNS, you will reroute all connections via their DNS servers. It means all connections will not go to the old DNS servers, which belong to your ISP anymore. The Internet connection will be stable and the error will be gone.


MySpace Will Rise Again After Acquired By Time Inc

MySpace is a very popular social networking website, which was launched before Facebook and has several hundred million active users. But after Facebook launched, most users are switching from this popular social networking website to Facebook. From that moment, they are losing a lot of users.

However, MySpace could rise again after acquired by Time Inc, a few days ago. Time Inc didn’t buy this earliest social network website, they actually buy the parent company, which own MySpace.

We don’t really know what Time Inc will do with MySpace, but for sure, they will attempt to relaunch this social networking website again.


How To Delete Twitter Account In Desktop

Twitter is a good social networking service, and many people are using it at the moment. With the growth of Twitter, this social networking website and service gain more trust from users and attract billion users use the service.

According to a few reports, the company will release timeline user interface like Facebook timeline in the next time. This is a new feature of Twitter that many users like it.

However, if you have used Twitter for a while, but now don’t want to use it anymore, you can simply delete your Twitter account with a few simple steps. With this step by step guide, you can learn how to delete Twitter account with a few steps, permanently.

After following this guide, your Twitter account will be held for 30 days in case you change your mind and want to cancel the deletion. After 30 days, your account will be permanently deleted and you are no longer able to recover it again.


List Of Good Instagram Bios For Business Purposes

Instagram is a good social networking website, where users can upload new photos, including descriptions to promote for your online businesses. If you want to build a good popular Instagram profile, let use these good Instagram bios from the following list to build your social networking profile.

By using these bios, you will gain more followers on your Instagram profile. And it means more customers for your online business. For example: if you run a new business about shopping category, you can use a few good Instagram bios about “shopping” to insert into your profile to build popularity.

Moreover, you can also use the Unfollowgram tool to track who follow or unfollow you on Instagram. It is a good web-based tool to help you manage your followers, and build your online business through Instagram.

With this tool, you will able to gain more followers for your Instagram profile. Many users are using this tool to follow people and then unfollow people to gain more followers. It is also a good method to gain more followers and profits for your online business. But this method isn’t good and not fair for most users.