Google Chrome version #57 with WebAssembly

Google Releases Chrome Version #57 That Supports WebAssembly

Follow the way that Firefox started last month; Google has recently released the new version of Google Chrome browser, the version #57. This new update will support WebAssembly, a portable format that assists to speed up web-based applications in order to replace Javascript somehow.

According to the information that we have learned, the WebAssembly format will help to create web apps quicker, run faster and use little of codes. It also means developers will take less time to write apps than before, more efficient, of course.

If you have tried beta versions of Google Chrome before, then you might already know about this new feature in the past few months. After Mozilla released the Firefox #52, Google also unleashes Chrome #57 to consumers that has the same function.

If you want to try out this new feature in Google Chrome, or just want to know the ability of WebAssembly and what it can be used for, upgrade to the latest version of Google Chrome and try this demo. You may feel excited about what this new format can do within the browser.

However, make sure you already upgraded your browser to the #57 version in order to use WebAssembly format. Otherwise, your Chrome browser will inevitably crash or may show some kind of errors.

Don’t know how to update your Chrome browser? Click on the menu and access Help -> About Google Chrome, and it will automatically check for updates. Let it run for a while and then you only need to relaunch your Chrome browser.

That’s it!

Alongside the WebAssembly format, Google Chrome version #57 also supports CSS Grid Layout. It helps designers or developers to create two-dimensional web layouts using the grids. Furthermore, if you are using Google Chrome for Android, we would recommend taking this update because there are some bugs need to be fixed, as well as enhance the stability of the browser.

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