Google Chrome version #57

Latest Version of Google Chrome Will Stop Its Tabs From Wasting Your Battery Life

In the past, you might feel very annoying when your laptop runs out of battery too quick, especially when using Google Chrome to surf the Internet. The reason is that your Chrome browser keeps all the tabs running in the background and refresh data. That’s the primary reason makes your laptop out of battery so quick.

Fortunately, Google realized this irritating issue and has done some improvements. That said, in the latest version of Google Chrome, all tabs won’t be run in the background anymore. As a result, it will stop Chrome browser from wasting your battery life.

Technically, Google Chrome will stop all inactive tabs from running, switch them to a hibernate mode to keep all the information, but prevent them from using computer resources. By that, it will help to save batter life of your laptop. Besides, the new version of Google Chrome also helps to use CPUs wisely, which help to make Chrom runs faster than the previous versions.

Way back in the last September, the team who develops and manages Google Chrome promised to bring this feature into Google Chrome. And now, in the latest version of Google Chrome, the version number #57, the browser is started to use less computer resources as well as the batter than before.

So, if you have not upgraded to the version #57 yet, navigate to Settings -> About and then check for updates. After that, wait for a few minutes to download and relaunch your Chrome browser to install.

That’s it!

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