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4 Methods To Fix Err_Connection_Refused Error In Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most popular internet browsers that many users are using. The reason is that it helps to load website faster and lightweight. Compared to Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome is using less CPU and RAM resource than Firefox.

However, when I use the Chrome browser, I was encountered a few errors. Those are very annoying, and you may not want to see it anymore.

There are four types of errors in Google Chrome, which are SSL errors, Connection errors, DNS errors, and SPDY errors. Depending on each mistake, you must use a right solution to bypass or resolve it temporarily, or permanently.

In previous articles, I have shown you methods to fix DNS Lookup Failed, Connection Isn’t Respond, SSL Load Failed, and Err_SPDY_Protocol_Error error in Chrome. In this post, I will point out useful solutions that you can use to solve Err_Connection_Refused mistake in Google Chrome.

If you are encountering this “Connection” error, read this post to the end to find out what you supposed to do. Otherwise, read again mentioned articles above to learn more about other errors in Google Chrome.

How To Fix Err_Connection_Refused Error In Google Chrome

As I said the beginning of this post, there are some useful methods you can choose and use to resolve the Err_Connection_Refused error in Google Chrome. For now, I will show you one by one, and let you decide which one is appropriate and suits your case.

1. Disable Proxy Settings

From my experience, in most cases, the Err_Connection_Refused mistake occurs because you forgot to disable proxy after using. This issue will prevent you from accessing the Internet via most browsers, as well as other programs.

Therefore, you must access to Proxy Settings, remove the proxy in there, or turn off proxy settings in Internet Explorer from running.

2. Turn Off Your Windows Firewall

Your built-in firewall in Windows is also the cause that could lead to the Err_Connection_Refused error. Hence, you have to turn off or disable Windows Firewall temporarily to check whether it causes this mistake.

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Once you determined the cause of this “connection” error, you can turn it on again. However, if your firewall caused this error, I would recommend to reconfigure it again and add all programs on your Windows PC to the whitelist.

3. Reset Your Local IP – Aka LAN IP

Resetting LAN IP address is also a good method you can use to get out of the Err_Connection_Refused mistake in Google Chrome. By doing so, your computer will have a new LAN IP address, and reset everything related to the old IP address, including network caches. So, the error will be gone.

Besides, you can try to clean up all cached files, temporary files, as well as cookies in Google Chrome. I have received many reviews from users telling that after cleaning up those things, the error is gone. So I would recommend doing the same as it costs nothing.

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