MySpace Will Rise Again After Acquired By Time Inc

MySpace is a very popular social networking website, which was launched before Facebook and has several hundred million active users. But after Facebook launched, most users are switching from this popular social networking website to Facebook. From that moment, they are losing a lot of users.

However, MySpace could rise again after acquired by Time Inc, a few days ago. Time Inc didn’t buy this earliest social network website, they actually buy the parent company, which own MySpace.

We don’t really know what Time Inc will do with MySpace, but for sure, they will attempt to relaunch this social networking website again.


How To Delete Twitter Account In Desktop

Twitter is a good social networking service, and many people are using it at the moment. With the growth of Twitter, this social networking website and service gain more trust from users and attract billion users use the service.

According to a few reports, the company will release timeline user interface like Facebook timeline in the next time. This is a new feature of Twitter that many users like it.

However, if you have used Twitter for a while, but now don’t want to use it anymore, you can simply delete your Twitter account with a few simple steps. With this step by step guide, you can learn how to delete Twitter account with a few steps, permanently.

After following this guide, your Twitter account will be held for 30 days in case you change your mind and want to cancel the deletion. After 30 days, your account will be permanently deleted and you are no longer able to recover it again.


List Of Good Instagram Bios For Business Purposes

Instagram is a good social networking website, where users can upload new photos, including descriptions to promote for your online businesses. If you want to build a good popular Instagram profile, let use these good Instagram bios from the following list to build your social networking profile.

By using these bios, you will gain more followers on your Instagram profile. And it means more customers for your online business. For example: if you run a new business about shopping category, you can use a few good Instagram bios about “shopping” to insert into your profile to build popularity.

Moreover, you can also use the Unfollowgram tool to track who follow or unfollow you on Instagram. It is a good web-based tool to help you manage your followers, and build your online business through Instagram.

With this tool, you will able to gain more followers for your Instagram profile. Many users are using this tool to follow people and then unfollow people to gain more followers. It is also a good method to gain more followers and profits for your online business. But this method isn’t good and not fair for most users.