Google Chrome saves battery life in version 57

Upgrade To Google Chrome Version #57 To Save Battery Life On Laptop

You might have heard about the Chrome browser version #57 a few days ago in our previous article. We have mentioned that this new version of Google Chrome come with several new features, which make it more handy to users.

By supporting WebAssembly, Google Chrome is now standing alongside Mozilla Firefox to assist developers easier to write a web-based application. However, along with that feature, today we found that the version #57 uses fewer computer resources than any previous versions.

Many users love Google Chrome but still afraid that it will hog computer resources when opening too many tabs. According to the reports from users, when you open more than ten tabs in Google Chrome, it will start to eat up more than 30% of computer resources, especially the physical RAM.

However, things changed now! According to the post from the Chromium blog, Google has made some modifications in this version of the most popular web browser. That said, all unused tabs will be frozen to save resources.

Therefore, your computer, especially the laptop or notebook will save a lot of battery life due to inactive Chrome tabs. According to the estimated from Google, by stopping those tabs from running, it helps to save 25% of resources. That is a considerable impact, right?

However, if you are playing an audio or video, that tab will be still usable and be running, without affecting from this kind of function. This rule also applies for other tabs with real-time connections, like WebRTC.

Have not downloaded the Google Chrome version #57 yet? You should do it immediately to save computer resources as well as the battery.

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